EAN Graphics Hard Disk Drive Memory Model MPN Operating System Installed Optical Drive Range Screen Size Type Address Bus Powerdown AES AutoHalt Mode AVX AVX 2 Brand Clock Speed Condition Core C1/C1E, C3 and C6 Core Stepping Cores Data Width Deep Power-Down State Deep Sleep Mode Deeper Sleep Mode Dynamic Cache Sizing Dynamic FSB Frequecy Switching Dynamic FSB Power-Down EAN EM64T Enhanced Deeper Sleep Mode Enhanced HALT Mode Enhanced SpeedStep Extended Halt State Extended Stop Grant State F16C Family FMA3 FSB GPU Base GPU Max Freq Halt State HT - Hyper-Threading IDA Integrated Graphics L2 Cache L3 Cache MMX MPN NX Package C1/C1E, C3 and C6C1E, C3 and C6 States/ Part Number Processor Core Processor Number Quick Start RAS Sleep Mode Socket SpeedStep Technology SSE 2 SSE 3 SSE SSE4.1 SSE4.2 SSSE3